Tuesday, October 25


a whole week. yay.

Update, and I'd appreciate it if you would try to update this blog more often Jeffrey, OK? Look at me, is this OK? Don't you think this would be OK? Alright, go back to your seat.

Last Tuesday
A public school with black-tie fundraisers! And a freekin' elevator! At most public schools if a student says they're "going down" it usually means trying to pay for lunch. (Oh, burned! You're burned most public school students!) On the appliance-o-meter, the kids were as quiet as bread-makers (because who uses those things, right?), but what can you expect when the pacifying smell of cash is everywhere.

Took on three sixth grade classes, teaching math and science for this rotating teacher schedule they have at the school. Teaching math to sixth graders is kind of like feeding a duck with chop sticks, except the duck can tell the difference between mean, median and mode. Overall the sixth graders get a refrigerator on the A-O-M.

First middle school class! Repeated the same lesson on Magellan 5 times. Think my act was club-ready by the end of the day, I did this one bit on the Euro-Asia spice trade that murdered, absolutely murdered. A-O-M: Toaster, except 2nd period, 2nd period gets Blender on Ice Crush.

Special day kindergarten class. Rode the gravy train today: ten kids per AM/PM group and an aide in each group to help. A-O-M: George Forman Grill

First go as a roving sub, except no roving was required. Instead the day was spent odd jobbing in the office. Implemented sophisticated anti-piracy measures by stamping over 2000 raffle tickets with the school's name.

Tuesday, Today!
Subbing 1st grade. All first graders are rats. If they took just half the energy spent on their constant tattling and applied it to their busy work and dittos they might actually make something out of themselves. Today's A-O-M, Electric Toothbrush, 18 electric toothbrushes, brushing my ear drum.

HAhah AOM i like that one! If only there were more 1st graders like me when i was in first grade....you know quiet and extending my own play time playing dollhouse while the rest of the class is doing work.
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