Wednesday, October 26



2 classes today, both 6th Grade. First batch wanted to be "friends."
How old are you?
What's your first name?
What kind of music do you listen to?
Are you seeing anyone?

Told the freaks what they wanted, except the age. Couldn't get the image of all 30 raising against me. I have a sister older than that! GET HIM!!!

They're working on a pretty cool project, though. In groups of three they're reading short stories from a book they will eventually record on a book-on-tape for the library. I guess the idea is for kids who can't read good to hear kids their age reading them stories. Couldn't help giving the class a very flattering speech about how great they were for doing it. I laid it on pretty thick. When I was done, they applauded--couldn't figure that one out.

The second class wasn't as interesting, and I was getting damn tired by then to tell you the truth. Spent the rest of the day in this comfortable chair at the front of the class, occasionally ringing the quiet bell when the noise level distracted me from KIDZ Newsweek.

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