Wednesday, November 2


Second Graders Try Basketball

Back to work today with the sweetest class of second graders imaginable, well until PE, but that can wait.
If sometime between Kindergarten and 1st grade kids become tattlers, then sometime between 1st grade and 2nd grade kids turn into compulsive storytellers. Every question elicits some minute long anecdote about grandparents and pets and how last summer the brat went camping and lost a tooth on a rollercoaster before she got a goldfish for Christmas.
Thank God one kid had the monosyllabic response down (The following happened, word for word):
ME: Can anyone tell me what "conservation" is?
PUNK: Paper!
ME: Not exactly...
PUNK: Trees!

But they were good kids, until the aforementioned PE. The class played basketball, 4 on 4 at a time. And if you've ever tried to get kids that age to play any organized sport you might as well call it rugby. I couldn't believe the pushing, the shoving, the complete lack of dribbling and utter contempt for the triangle offense.

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