Sunday, February 19


Can students be friends?

At least for subs, the answer seems to be no.

A class starts the day on-task and quiet (like Friday's 6th graders). I notice this. I think, hey this class has it together. So I let my guard down. Crack a joke. Appear approachable. Maybe it's something as small as allowing myself to smile.

And every time, by the end of the day my back is covered in footprints.

Maybe the kids read these as signs of weakness. I don't know. Can I have a good time and keep the kids on the lesson plan?

I used to sub repeatedly in the same school (got requested because, like you, I actually followed any lesson plans left for me) and found out the guard-letting-down phase comes after a few repeats with the same students and/or same class. Otherwise - no. Can't do both (in my experience). :)
No. Students can't be friends. As a sub, or their every-day teacher. But, there will come a time when you can relax and be a bit more of yourself. Never, EVER mistake that for being friends. You have friends, they have friends; neither of you needs more. They need a teacher, an adult who provides clear boundaries and the support they need to learn. You need students. That's all.
Yes, ms. frizzle.
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