Thursday, February 9


Back in the Game!

Three days, three jobs, starting on...


It's nice when a teacher tries to make the usually monotonous day of a sub a little more interesting, like by hiding the lesson plan.

Luckily a fellow teacher heard about the problem and was able to look for it with me while the kids did a distracting journal write. We didn't find anything, but she gave the class a stern talking to on my behalf, here's the gist of it:

"OK, now we couldn't find your teacher's lesson plan, but he (jerks thumb in my general direction) is just like a real teacher. In fact he is a real teacher! So treat him like you would a real teacher."

As if they couldn't already sense my panic before little miss divulge-all tells them I've got nuthin'. But at least she ordained me a "real teacher!" Oh boy Geppeddo, just like I always wanted!

Bright side: Lesson plan eventually found, mixed in with a stack of papers on her desk. No title and the whole thing was typed in a single paragraph, how'd I miss it?


Half day at a kindergarten less than a mile from my house. Ahhhhhhh.

The tykes were polite, this bowl haircutted Cherub even complimented my shoes.

Like anyone with the dietary staple of paste, they were full of non-sequiturs, the best:

Yesterday somebody farted at the YMCA.

I think that might be my new favorite sentence in the English language.


What could be easier than a batch of well-behaved kindergarteners? Try middle school PE.

After five periods of saying perhaps the same dozen words to the kids ("Take roll," "exercises," "run a lap around the grass," "play basketball.") accompanied by the same gestures (hand roll sheet to TA, point towards exercise area, point to field, nod towards bag of basketballs) I started feeling like one of those robots on a Disneyland ride.

Best reason to sub middle school? The off-chance of getting a prep period right before or after lunch. That's a two hour break! Tell you what, my index finger needed it.

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