Tuesday, November 29


Two Days in First Grade

Adorable first grade class with some great names (Ivee and Zion were the best). Like any class, they had their terrific moments.

Thanksgiving came and went but left me some pretty heavy chest congestion. This coughing fit absolutely jumps me in the middle of a sentence. My face is red, tears building up, and I cannot stop coughing. And the kids? Do they rush to bring a glass of water to their poor teacher? No, they cough back at me and laugh.

Killed a solid half-hour with BINGO (eh, educational 'nuff). Hit a snag whenever I called out a N number. A combination of sinus blockage and my already lazy speaking habits had me pronouncing "N" like "in". I got away with slips in arithmetic and incorrect elaborations with the history of Thanksgiving , but once I screwed up on their phonic turf I was toast.
"Not 'in!' N!" They shouted. "N! N! N! N! N!"
"I can't tell you the next number until you're quiet," I replied, palming an un-read N-7 and hoping to re-draw a B, I, G, or O.

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