Wednesday, November 9


A Thrilling Earthquake Drill and Forbidden Love

(Part 2 of 2)

It seemed as if Day 2 in the 8th grade science class would unfold uneventfully. Sure, there was an earthquake drill during the 6th period honors class (living up to the name, most of them continued their classwork under the desk). But, overall it was another quiet day, at least except for one unforgettable...

4th period. You may remember 4th period better as the paper-ball-throwing period from yesterday. Well, today I was pelted again, only instead of wadded up Little League fliers they pelted me with passion!

I discovered the following note on my desk, coyly addressed to "Mr. G." It has been reproduced exactly as it appeared on the purpley-pink stationary:

Dear Mr. Gyer,
I know this sound odd, but I really like you. I like the way your hair curls & your voice is so depp & exotic. It's quite the thrill. I know I'm only 13, but you take my breath away. From your beautiful eyes, to your depply matured voice, you make my heart choke & gasp for air. Your arms & hands look so warm, welcome, & strong. It's almost like you cast a spell on me when you first spoke to our class. Do you like Classis? I do. Especially "The Phantom of the Opera", because it reminds me of a love only a man like you could offer.
Love, .....
(Please don't show this 2 the office, because I don't want to get into trouble.)

My heart hardened after the paper ball incident, and yet, after finishing the last dulcet word of this note, somehow--how could this be possible?--it melted. Oh, giggling, overbite girl in the front row, while your words will never be forgotten (Yes, how I love the Classis!) they, unfortunately, can not be acted upon... yet. Wait for me darling. Wait and count the seconds until we may act! Oh, and try not to get fat or nothing like that.

OH NO SHE DIDNT!haha, BuT what if it was a joke that some little punk boy wrote? still flattering now? Sounds like you shouldnt be seeing Harry Potter with me opening day....inconcievable!
That's hilarious - it reminds me of a student I had for one of my music classes. This poor girl was my voice student for about 3 months, and over that time she fell quite hard it seems. When I finally left the job, she sent cards and flowers professing her urgent, underage love for me. Why do the girls change as they get older?
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