Thursday, November 3


The Stone Age

Part 1 of 2

First day of a two day assignment. 1st grade class. Kids fine, 'cept for their pencil sharpening addiction. Sort of makes sense because the pencil sharpener may have been the most advanced piece of technology in the class. Their computers ran AOL 5.0 and had built in zip drives. Zip drives, who remembers those? Made for the few people who weren't quite ready to say goodbye to things that looked like floppy disks. But I digress, these kids loved their automatic pencil sharpener.
Today was also a bit of a milesotne for me, my first time playing "Heads up 7up." Had one jerk not only try and stand when her thumb had not been pressed, but also not press any thumbs when it was her turn. The outrage!

if you rate a kid an electric pencil sharpener on the AOM, is that like a 10?

Save a teacher's sanity and support mechanical pencils.
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