Saturday, November 5


The Exciting Conclusion

Maybe it was Friday or the assembly about the cookie dough fundraiser (Sell 20 tubs, get a limo ride to... In 'n' Out!) for whatever reason the 1st graders were out of control. Their ring leader (wearing a black shirt with "Daddy's Little Girl" in scorching hot-pink across the front) actually had the entire class booing me when I introduced a math lesson. I set face on "stone" and once the booing died I asked, "Do you boo your regular teacher?"
"YES!" they screamed back.

Other highlights:
Class takes pencil sharpening addiction to new levels; shaving reservoir filled by recess. Kid with the racing stripe shaved into his haircut leads the effort, repeatedly breaking his pencil in order to re-sharpen it.

Daddy's Little Girl writhes in agony when I ask her to write one more sentence about her favorite toy (some cat doll). The following pouting, languishing (On the floor as well as in her chair) and tearful pleas of I can't do it or Please don't make me yields this masterwork:
I like the cat.

With the last twenty minutes of class I'm faced with two choices. Correct the math or play Heads Up, 7-up. Math promises more booing, all around pouting. Heads up, 7-up means I get to sit down.
Heads down, thumbs up.

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