Tuesday, November 8


Another Fascinating Two-Part Episode

Part 1 of 2

After nearly nine years 8th graders finally cave into the tall people. Did they boo? Did they leave their seats to do whatever they wanted. Sure they talked, but even the caged bird sings or something, right?

Each period ran like this. "Hey kids, look your teacher wrote some instructions on the board for you. Oh yeah, I need to mispronounce all your crazy names for roll. Whoa, now, I'm going to read my book and look up every other minute or so, making a face like I think you're up to something."

The only hiccup in today's digestive process of the kids' free will came when they got these Little League fliers. Who plays Little League nowadays anyway? What with their TV games and the internets and electronic poker and the crumpling up of Little league fliers into projectiles. Yeah, the punks threw some paper balls around, big deal.

Headlocks: 0
Jump Kicks: 0
Origami Ninja Stars: 0
A Few Crumpled Up Paper Balls: big deal.

But this one girl's jaw hung open in disgust.

"Are you just going to sit there?" she sounded exactly like someone sounds when they're being a total bitch.

So I had to put my book down and walk around the room until I saw some punk throw one of those paper balls (big deal, right?). Then I gave the punk the Sub Stare and asked him for his name. I pretended to write a scathing note about the punk in full view of the class. Finally, I got back to reading.

Glad to hear you got your reading done today! Way to Keep those little punks in check.
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