Thursday, December 1



So this phone call wakes me up at 6 and of course it's the district. I'm on the verge of accepting a job in a 3rd grade class at a great school, when I hear this recorded note from teacher.
I don't have anything planned, you'll have to bring your own activities for the class.
Here I am smothered under a down comforter while outside there's this squall. The rain is coming down in sheets, an H2 is blown past my bedroom window, and I can't think of anything that would keep a bunch of scab-picking, snot-ignoring, brats occupied for five minutes. The automated system hangs up on me before I can bring myself to accept or decline the thing, so I sleep in three more hours.

But yesterday was great. I had the perfect day. The teacher left no homework for her fourth-graders. A X-Ray technician dropped by and talked to the class. One of the girls even brought Hawaiian cookies from her trip to Hawaii.
I could do no wrong.
At the end of the day this French-Canadian-American boy couldn't bring himself to leave the class. He finally pulled on my khakis to get my attention and, shyly avoiding eye contact, said:
"You're the best sub I ever had."
Sure, it might have been the Macadamia-Chocolate Chip cookies talking, but I'll take it.

Aw thats cute!
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