Saturday, January 28


Bird flu's bright side? Work.

An avalanche of student teachers has blanketed every available job.

My most recent work--last Friday, third graders, one gave me a note in an origami box telling me I was "the greatest teacher he ever had," that note is now on my resume--seems years ago.

Monday I turn in applications at another district and with the high schools.

I'm also considering expanding beyond the classroom. Customer service, mail delivery, sandwich maker, street sweeping, waste management, professional curling, taffy pulling, massage, barnacle scraper, candy inspecting, yes manning or fall guying, old-dude monitor, gravel churning, crab appler, acupuncture, I'm pretty sure I could sub for any of these things. So, if one of your regular crab-applers calls in, give this blog a hit.

So THAT's what the problem is. It's been two weeks since I've got a call from EITHER of my districts.

Which one are you gonna try?
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