Wednesday, March 1


Stuck in the Middle Schools


An RSP class at a tough school. An inexperienced sub. Recipe for disaster? Surprisingly, no.

I recognized several of the kids from other classes. Bracing for the worst after seeing their names on the attendance sheet, I couldn't be more nonplussed to see these baskets o' trouble behaving decently in RSP.

Knowing that some of the harder cases actually try to grasp the concept of surface area under certain circumstance broadened my outlook a bit.

If only every class size was four!


Whenever three periods go by harmlessly I get worried. You know, the whole calm before the storm/law of averages thing. If you don't have to many nascent nutjobs early, you're bound to get extra late, right? Sho 'nuff.

Since the kids were making propaganda posters (from both us/them perspectives) for a slew of American wars today, a fitting war metaphor would be:

(Oh, but first a sample of their work. One puny professor came up with these rousing slogans for the Iraq War:

(Oh, and one thing really quick, Iraq War? Too soon?)

(Anyways, the slogan for the Iraqi perspective, "Kill the Americans." Slogan for the U.S. perspective, "Kill the Iraqis." Unrelated fact: Alcoholism is on the rise among educators.)

And finally, the metaphor. Among historic battles for strategic high ground, periods 1, 2, and 3 were San Juan, fun, easy, almost vacation-like. Periods 5 and 6 were Bunker Hill, heavy losses on all sides.

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